Saturday, August 22, 2009


It's been forever since I've updated this thing! What is there even to update?..oh yes...the monster baby is...WALKING! So as you can probably imagine he's is ALL over the place! I've had my hands pretty full and have some pretty funny videos to load on here, whenever I can find my usb...its a good day if we're all out of pajamas by noon!! Thats all for the quick update, much much more to come soon. i've started so many posts and never finished them, as I've recently discovered, i have a severe case of "mommy-brain"!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Many Adventures of Car-Car and Su-cee

Carter's cousin Lucy (Su-cee) spent most of the summer in Norway this year, so when she came back it was only natural that they went on many adventures together! He missed her so much that only days after she returned, Carter went to visit his favorite cousin. After playing for awhile and having a very messy lunch...well, to be fair, any meal with Carter is a MESS!, we hit the beach! Lucy was nervous at first, but eventually she got used to being in the water...Carter on the other hand....
He was so comfortable in the water that he fell asleep! There's nothing better than relaxing in the water on a beautiful day and snuggling with my baby boy! After our swim it was time for ice cream!!!! yet another mess for Carter!Like Mother, Like Son...When I was little, I used to eat my ice cream cones from the bottom, I would chew off and end and suck the ice cream through that way...apparently Carter found this to be the best way to go about it as well..great minds think alike :)

After our long day of ice cream and swimming, Auntie Fallon made a big dinner...which was delicious, but of course...a mess! At one point she even commented on how she had never even seen Lucy make that big of a mess...that's talent! Since, at the end of the day, we were left with two messy babies, we threw them in the tub and then they lounged around in their towels...of course Carter borrowed Lucy's robe!

Hugh Hefner in the making..

We had such a great day with Auntie Fallon and Su-cee, but of drama filled as my life can get..the day did NOT end well. On the way home, my car, which was supposedly fixed, overheated again on the highway at 8 at night! Yet again, I was stuck on the side of the road...with the myself. And the best car is now junk!! I'm going on week 3 with no car! But that just means more visits here from Su-cee!

And so they visited...
Auntie Fallon and Su-cee made a special stop to visit us the other day and we got to test out the new wagon from Lela! Carter, surprisingly kept his hat on the whole time...but the toys made many journeys outside of the wagon. Our stroll through the park quickly turned into a game of fetch, Fallon and I being the ones fetching! Our walk took about 1 hour longer than it should have, but it was much needed exercise for me :) And seriously...who wouldn't want to spend more time with him...

After our walk we took a trip to the store to get our new gdiapers (more on that later)..and then we parted ways. Carter loves his visits from Su-cee and hopefully the rest of the summer is filled with many more!!