Friday, July 8, 2011

The Vaseline Incident

Today the boys were playing quietly in Carter's room, maybe a little TOO quietly. All of a sudden I hear knocking at the door and Carter yelling "I can't get out I'm too sticky!!". I opened the door to find Max covered head to toe in Vaseline and Baby Oil and Carter was laughing and yelling "Look at his face!!". Carter, on the other hand, was only full of vaseline on his arms and hands...hmmm I wonder who did it?! Now Max has a Vaseline and Baby Oil Mohawk even after washing his hair repeatedly now I will scour the internet and try and figure the H do you get Vaseline out of someone's hair?! Ohhh boy!!

Note to self: It is NEVER a good idea to let 2 babies play alone with the door closed, one will end up like a greased up pig!

and THIS is why I don't blog as much anymore....oy!