Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays.

Here's to packing on the extra pounds this Holiday Season!

Wishing all of you a very wonderful Holiday Season! 


Monday, December 14, 2009


Wow, has it really been almost a month since I've last posted? I really need to get on this!! I see I now have a couple new followers, which is awesome...thanks for bearing (baring?...its 2 am and i've lost my brain) with me through my long rants and absence of posts! I never thought I'd be one of those people that gets carried away with holiday things and forgets just about everything else...but here's proof! Man, it's been a busy month and I am super excited for Christmas, I'm hoping the little monster actually gets it this year! So lets recap the past month, well sort know how I can go on and on...and lets face it...I'm not all THAT interesting am I? :)

As you've probably now..I love to play dress up with Carter. Not the girly tutus and bows dress up but the "oh look i've bought you new outfits lets try every one of them on now" dress up. So when I bought him a new Christmas outfit this year it was only fitting that we, again, played a little bit of dress up! And of course I played paparazzi and took about 5 thousands pictures of the same thing, but hey..with a monster as cute as mine how could you not? ;) ANYWAY I'm getting off usual! In doing this I realized just last year during one of my dress up fits, I took a picture of him in the same exact place and was just amazed at how big he has gotten...and handsome! I think I've started a new tradition!

This wasn't my first choice, but it brings out the color in his eyes...and my husband picked it, and well, he's gotta have some say right? And as I'm talking about his eyes I realized I didn't do red-eye removal...again 2 brain.

OK so on to other things, not too many big things have been happening this month, but lots and lots of small things. I found a super cute fisher price piano for Carter for very cheap on craigslist and took, what should have been 20 minutes, an hour long trek north to go pick it up. Thank you mapquest for steering me DIRECTLY into traffic. Upon arriving at the house I was greeted by one of the scariest dogs you will ever meet and the owner tried convincing me over and over to come in...the dog isn't mean...I took my chances, the dog wasn't mean, in fact it was small...and mangy...and really not scary at all...I'm a wimp. I got my piano, but not before the man took the batteries out and sent me on my way, and quickly got into the car and made my short drive back home....can't fool me twice mapquest!! I'm almost done shopping for Carter, and completely done driving out to strange men's houses...that sounded bad.

In other news...Carter has learned how to say both "stinky" and "crazy" and made a point to point at me at the drugstore and say "crazy!!" about ten times over, and I had little evidence to support myself considering I was rocking the bedhead look in ripped pajama pants UGGS and a big brown puffy coat...did I mention I was frantically digging through my purse for my wallet? I was a sight, my quick run for diapers and the aforementioned lack of brain caused me to run out of the house in pjs and messy hair without a second thought! So with that I will say...Carter is a genius...and very aware...I am, in fact, a little crazy...but aren't we all?

Lets news...the things "non parents" hate to hear about...

am I typing too many dots? WOW

anyway Carter has been replaced with an actual monster this past week and I discovered the culprit...eye teeth!! So it's back to the hyland's teething tablets before bed, and the stiff drink for me ;)

And finally, yesterday we went to a tree farm and cut down our very parent's very own Christmas tree!! It was cold and not snowy, and looking for the perfect tree for Leela was quite the process...but fun nonetheless

(maybe thats a little bit of the crazy hair I was talking about)

...and there is my next tradition! Maybe next year the husband will let us cut a tree instead of an artificial one...which by the way has been missing!! And a whole other post!!