Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Strike A Pose!

A couple weeks ago my wonderful mother (aka Leela) took some amazing photos of the little monster roaming around in a nearby forest preserve. She has such an AMAZING eye for photography and I couldn't be more thrilled with the photos! I put up a little preview on the last post...but here's a couple more of my favorites!


To my surprise, capturing these photos was actually an easy task. Carter just loves to ham it up for the camera...and we just love to take lots and lots of photos! I entered Carter into a Model Search contest as well!! If it were up to me...he'd win, but of course...I'm a little biased ;) Anyway, Carter had a blast playing in the leaves and at the local playground...he must have gone down the slide about 20 times before we finally called it quits! And, we called it quits just in time because about 5 minutes after dropping off Leela, it started pouring down rain! Whew...good thing we went when we did!! Enjoy the pics! I have some very cute videos to post very soon!!