Friday, June 5, 2009

Bad Luck and Carter's 1 yr photos...

Carter and I have had quite the week! Already, before the age of one, he has been stranded on the side of the highway (not by himself of course!!), gotten into a car accident (everythings ok!!), and has scored a girlfriend....2 years older than him!! Let me start from the beginning..

Tuesday, I had a doctor's appointment about 45 min away, so we picked up Grandma or "Lela" as Carter likes to call her, and headed out to the doctor's. Naturally, we'd need to have "Lela" with us, monster babies and doctor's offices do not go well together!! On the way there, the car overheated and we were all stuck on the side of the highway...only 1/4 mile from an exit!! So we waited for my father in law (aka Papa Dan) to come rescue us! Of course there were tons of cars on the highway yet only one person actually stopped to check on us. You would think that if there were 2 women and a baby (sounds like a movie! haha ) stuck on the side of the road with Semi's flying past, that SOMEONE would stop! Papa Dan fixed the car and within about 1 minute of driving it, it overheated again! We had quite the adventure, piling our stuff into another car, driving to the doctor, carrying everything in, and then piling it all into ANOTHER car to go home. The best part was, Carter behaved so well through it all! He didn't really get crabby once and of course was the star of the show at the doctor's office!

So, after the doctor my dad (aka Bitter) came to pick us up and took us all out to dinner. Carter got to see the fishies and make a new friend. It was so cute to watch Carter and the other baby babbling back and forth to eachother, Carter just loves other kids...maybe its time for #2 ;) That would be a site to see, Monster Baby and his sidekick...another blog for another day :) Anyway, Bitter got us home safe and sound and a few hours later Joe got my car home..."possibly" fixed! We had another appointment the next day and I was told i could try and drive the car but there was no guarantee that it would work. Those prospects definitely we not appealing to me!

Day 2, I searched for a ride to the doctor and when I was unsuccessful, I decided I would attempt to drive my car. But, after 15 minutes of searching for my keys, I called Joe and he had them...and he was one hour away!! So after throwing a little tantrum, I learned from the best :), I kept on searching for a ride. Thankfully, my cousin, Valerie, wasn't busy and she agreed to come pick us up. I know you're probably wondering why I didn't just reschedule the appointment, had I of done that, we would not have gotten in until June 23! Anyway, I thought our bad luck streak was over, we'd go to the doctor, get picked up, go home and go on with our day...I was wrong. On the way to the doctor, someone driving the opposite way, turned their car and drove straight at us! And the worst part, he drove away afterwards! The only damage done was just a shattered mirror, Thank God. We were all ok, but stuck on a bad side of town and I was really feeling like things were just going to go downhill from here. Well, I am happy to say that we made it to the doctor and back...all in one piece! The rest of the day went smoothly. Carter got to hang out with his "favorite person in the world" (aka Amanda) and we got to play at the park and on the swings. All was well, until I ruined Carter's life by leaving the park. He made sure that, the entire walk home, he let me know exactly HOW mad he was! Not to mention my stroller was squeaking the whole time...everyone was looking at us like we were crazy!

On a happier note...Carter finally slept through the night that night!!!!! He has done it in the past, but as soon has he began teething he became the worst sleeper ever. That signified the end of my bad luck streak! I drove my car the next day with no problems and the day went smoothly. If these past few days are setting the tone for how June is going to be...I can't wait for July!!!

Yesterday we had Carter's one year photos taken, ONE YEAR can you believe it?! My little 3 lb baby is almost one!!! We had the pictures done by the same woman who did Carter's "newborn" photoshoot before he left the hospital, it was really cool to kind of bring things full circle! Because Carter is such a mommma's boy, I had to hide around the corner while she took all the photos, that is, until we brought the cake out! Carter would not have cared who was in the room, as long as he could continue eating his cake...or chewing on the candle! At one point, he just picked up the netire cake and was taking bites out of it and chewing on the cardboard underneath! The photographer did an AMAZING job, as expected, and I can't wait to see the pictures! We even took a special picture for Daddy that I can not wait to see!!! I will post some on here as soon as I get them!

This video is from the other day. Whenever Carter eats he yells..."Num num num" ...isn't he just the cutest? ;)

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