Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crunchy nose

Carter has been QUITE the ham lately, as if that's a surprise to anyone!! He's been my little comedian, all day long he strives to make me laugh...and he never fails to do so. I haven't posted much in awhile, and after a 3 1/2 hour weed pulling extravaganza, I have literally lost my mind!(I wish I had a camera outside with me, Carter was being too cute!). So, I will entertain you with videos of my little comedian at his best :)

This is Carter's "crunchy" nose. I wish I would have taken out my camera sooner! But, I think I was able to capture it pretty well...

Carter has recently learned to say "Num Num Num" and everytime he eats he literally yells it, especially if its one of his favorite foods :) Raspberry pics to be posted soon...

And last...he is starting to become a Daddy's boy and shakes his head "no" when I ask him to say mama...1 yr old and already workin me...

That's all for now!! Ah remember the days when I'd actually have something interested to say in my posts? I promise those days will be back soon!! We have a couple BIG events coming up that I can't WAIT to tell ya about :)

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  1. These videos make me miss you guys even more! Somehow I figured it would make being away easier...I was wrong! He is SOOOOO Cute!